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Becoming a CAS Member or Sponsor
​Join us for our upcoming Archaeological Excavation!!

Membership shall be for a period of 12 months, commencing with the month in which the membership fee is received. Categories of membership are as follows:

  Bronze Membership        $50
  Silver Membership           $75
  Gold Membership            $100
  Platinum Membership      $150
  Copper Membership        $250
  Corporate Sponsors        $500 +

Membership benefits:
All levels of membership excluding corporate member/sponsor shall receive:

 1. Personalized Membership Certificate.
 2. Subscription to quarterly electronic    
 3. Advance notice and discounts on 
     workshops, lectures, and special programs.
 4. Silver members receive a Croatoan Eco-bag
 5. Gold members receive a Croatoan Eco-bag
     and a Croatoan ballcap.
 6. Platinum members receive a Croatoan Eco-
     bag, ballcap, and a CAS T-shirt.
 7. Copper members receive a Croatoan Eco-
     bag, ballcap, CAS T-shirt, and a 
     personalized membership plaque.

Benefits to the Corporate Sponsor:
 1. Advertisement on CAS webpage, CAS 
     facebook page, and CAS newsletters.
 2. A special honorary plaque.

-Have a passion for history?

•Have a lifelong dream of participating in a real archaeological dig?

•Ready for a unique international experience?

•Would you like to sponsor/support our next excavation?

Then join us for our next Archaeological Excavation!  Become a Member of CAS today!
You may join our society or become a sponsor/donor, by simply clicking the donate button below!
Scott Dawson, President
Charles Williams IV, Vice-President
Maggie Dawson, Secretary
Gary Schena, Treasurer
Ollie Jarvis
Janet Bigney
Warren McMaster III
Beth Rooks
CAS Board Members