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CAS Dig 2015
Images from the CAS/UoB Spring and Summer Digs 2015.
One of our Corporate Sponsors, Island Cruisers has been a huge asset to the CAS Digs!!  Seen here from Left to Right, UoB student Ryan Neal, Alexis Ohman, and UoB student Millie Parr.
The main dig site/trench. 2015.
Lead UoB Graduate student, Charlie Goudge (right), with Johanna McCaughey (left), sifting for finds.
UoB student, Ryan Neal teaching the young minds the basics of archaeology sifting... and some 'football' soccer tips on the side!
CAS Member David Thatch wet-sieving with Dig Hatteras volunteer Annelise Baer.
CAS Volunteers Jan Pate and Sabra Dawson wet sieving and looking for glass beads.
UoB students Millie Parr and Ryan Neal deep in the trenches!
A perfect looking pit.  In the upper right corner you can see the outline of an excavation from the 1990s.
CAS Volunteers, Kirra and Sabra Dawson cleaning artifacts in style on the porch!
Professor Mark Horton, UoB, and CAS Board Members Scott Dawson and Warren McMaster sorting and counting shells from the midden.  This process provides us with much information regarding the Native Croatoan diet and the sustainability of their life here.
Prof Horton cataloguing the finds from Spring Dig 2015.
Prof Horton and CAS Board Member, Scott Dawson riding the ferry to Ocracoke!
The CAS' Mobile Museum visiting Ocracoke and their Clam Chowder Cook Off!!
CAS' Mobile Museum at the CHSS Archaeology Expo.
CAS Summer Dig 2015:  Professor Horton instructing CAS Board Member Warren McMaster in the art of troweling the trench.
Wet-sieving through the muck!
We found lots of beads during the Summer Dig 2015.. including a blue one!
CAS Board Member Scott Dawson digging down the trench with his dad, Dave Dawson, also a CAS Member.
Professor Mark Horton in his outdoor office with special guest visitor Andrew Lawler, freelance writer, who was visiting to write a story for National Geographic.
CAS Board Member, Warren McMaster III deep down in a trench!