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CAS Dig 2013
Images of the 2013 Archaeological Excavation
Our 2013 UoB Dig Crew (from Right to Left):  Professor Mark Horton, Jo Rees-Howell, Project Manager Fred Neville-Jones, Hamish Roberton, Rosie Ireland, & Joel Leander Gareats
Jo and Rosie, UoB Graduates digging the trench.
CAS Board Members Scott Dawson and Janet Bigney sifting for finds.
At the dig site.  CAS Member Mike Martin with UoB student, Joel Leander-Gareats.
CAS Members/Volunteers, Pat Conley, Mike Martin and Cathy Roberton.
Our wet-sieving trench with CAS Volunteer, Hamish Roberton.
Our 'Finds-Washing Station' with UoB Graduate, Rosie Ireland, and CAS Member, Anne Vroman, and 2 volunteers.... washing finds from the 2013 dig.
CAS Member Anne Vroman washing finds.
A nice set of deer teeth.
Post holes, post holes, and more post holes!!  Seen here:  Jo Rees-Howell, Fred Neville-Jones, and Hamish Roberton.
Professor Mark Horton digging a trench!!  In background, CAS Members, David Thatch and Liz Stokes.