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CAS/UoB/CHSS Collaborative Research Project
An archaeological research project being conducted by the CAS and UoB with the Cape Hatteras Secondary School students.
2014 Lead UoB Graduate student, Joel Leander-Gareats teaching the CHSS students how to sift for finds.
UoB graduate student, Henry Webber, teaching the CHSS students the process of troweling a trench. 2014
UoB student, Jack Fuller, teaching the CHSS students how to trowel a trench. 2014
CHSS students cleaning artifacts in the sun. 2014
UoB graduate student, Henry Webber, teaching 2 CHSS DECA students how to plot coordinates of the auger holes and trench site. 2014
CHSS students learning how to wet sieve. 2014
CHSS students learning the tedious process of sorting through the wet sieve residue. 2014
2015.  CHSS students sifting for finds at the excavation site.
2015.  CHSS students digging the trench with Professor Mark Horton, UoB Archaeologist.
2015.  CHSS students putting together a Middle Woodland Native American Pot.
CHSS students' display of the Native American Pot Rim that they put together and placed on display for the community/public. 2015
2015.  The CHSS Archaeology Expo was a huge success!  Students showing the community their artifacts and displays.  The students also took the community on a tour of their dig site!
During the 5th Annual Spring Dig in 2014, the CAS and the UoB began working with the Cape Hatteras Secondary School and its students on a collaborative archaeological research project.  The CHSS students were able to participate in every aspect of an archaeological excavation from digging, sifting, cleaning and sorting the artifacts, cataloguing the artifacts, learning the process of wet sieving, and even plotting and documenting the trench site information.

The CAS /UoB/ CHSS Collaborative Research Project continued in 2015 and we hope to continue this project for many years to come.
Professor Mark Horton, University of Bristol, England, Archaeology is seen here with the CHSS students.  2015.